A few words about me 

My name Tsiakiris Evangelia and I am a mother of two children. I studied nursery and child psychologists attended seminars, psychological support, food for children, first aid, fitness modes infants and puppetry. 

initially worked in clinics in neonatal department and then to stations for kids in playgrounds, as a clown at children's party. last 10 years working as a baby-sitter, as I take the children from 3-4 months to 4-5 years. Also involved with the writing of e-book in terms of child and beyond, and by writing short stories, children's tales (with entries in Dreamland Drama) and theatrical skits.

 I created this website to share with you all the knowledge from my experience and give you solutions, answers and ideas to your concerns, always with love to. I will be with you every day and in addition, each month, we will publish a story something out of life, written by me.