21/01/2016 21:12

  Birthday arrived, your angel grew! Time to organize an unforgettable children's party !!   

  First, make calls: An original idea of ​​being in the invitation to write the birthday program, everything that you have prepared for that day. (I give you images above).    

 The big day arrived and surely the party venue must be configured accordingly! Eliminate anything dangerous and tiny thinks if there is table with chairs better to take to have the kids more room to play. Lay on the floor a simple carpet and aradiaste around pads. At the door handle hang a large colored bags for trash while in another bag or carton you have gathered all team games (See many game ideas for kids party smart solutions-games) you want to play (of course with the help an adult or a clown). Of course, by any party you can not miss the music and dance!   

  Regarding the children eat, avoid buffets because apart from not eating anything and scatter, is likely to get confused and eat .To dish best thing to do is to buy bags or paper bags and prepare sandwiches or triangles hearts or shape that you want, with toast bread ('ll find recipe in Recipes for babies, here on our website!). Then wrap with cling film and put in together with a small juise. So you can have it ready early!     For the cake, use the clear plastic disposable bowls (with or without lid) and no saucers because most of the time the cake goes to the mat. If you want chips and crisps, you can buy small bags and put them together with the sandwiches.   

  For parents, you can make small buffet with delicacies (finger food, the recipes), use dishes and cups disposable.     Finally, impress your guests, closing party with a nice puppet show for young and old! Have fun!!