11/04/2016 21:59
Your baby grew and now walks with steady steps, then time to grab it by the hand and walk with him. 
Something to watch out for are clothes and shoes, wear comfortable and light clothing (bib-tights), do not dress too thick because you can walk and sweat, better take with you a jacket. The same goes for you. For shoes prefer sports or any walk better.
 At first you do a little ride, because as the first time will be tired and will ask hug, something that you should avoid. When you start the ride, walk along at his own pace, do it just like a game, describe each point spent like he's telling a story. Once leaving the house the Advise, that to have a good will listen to you and always keeps tight your hand, because you will meet a lot of cars and people and should be careful. Make sure when you go ride can have both hands free to be able to face any situation you qualify. The necessary things you will need put them in a backpack. 
Always keep your child from the inside of the sidewalk, holding everything from hand. Sing a song with him, show him the flowers, butterflies, birds, the kittens and everything you encounter. It is forbidden to talk on the phone at the time. Explain to your child that the way we pass, only when it is empty of cars and tell him about the lantern, the red and green homunculus. Show him how to cross the obstacles on the road without stumbles, not presses the water to prevent slip, then a short break to drink some water and ask if he liked you ride or what he made more impression. 
Spring is the ideal time for such rides, so enjoy them.