31/01/2016 16:56

Jealousy is absolutely normal in this case and is expressed in many ways. I give you some examples:

 a) When the baby cries, and starts crying many times and the older child and even trying to just imitate the crying. How are you;

 In this case we should not react with the formula expressions:

Stop cry and you, can not stand each other.

 -Stop to sleep baby.

 -Not you like a baby. 

That's incorrect handling, you must deal intelligently: 

Take in your arms, sing his favorite song of the largest and say: To see more child will manage to stop the first cry with my song? Which one will win a prize? You will see that with this way, calm the older child and do not nervous, so I stopped crying and magically stops crying and the baby. 

b) When you hug the baby and breastfeeding asks the biggest to take arms and to breastfeed. Here you can operate in two ways. One is very simple: give him to play with his favorite toy when breastfeeding. The other way is to take it by your side to help you to participate and that the whole process. What I mean;

 Holding baby things currently using (towels, diaper, bib, pacifier), stroking the baby's back when you put it to burp or to sing a song softly.

 c) Many times again becomes aggressive toward the baby and trying to hurt him at times when you do not see.

 -No need to 'never leave alone. 

-There should be prohibited in the largest to catch the baby when you are ahead. You should take the time and show him how to caress and to watch.

 d) Many children have clean diaper, start over and redo their bad because the baby does. And in this case you do not want error handling. Beware of expressions: 

-Shame on you;

 -You laugh at your friends. 

-Sa baby do. 

Be smart: if your big boy has closed 3, ask it to change the baby diaper when you have done evil with the excuse that you can not change it because you have a job. You mean that you prepare the space and things and will watch secretly telling him what to do. At the end reward would like to have done. Now if it is less sure to be next to you when you change the baby, the smell and the spectacle will begin to detest and hardly wants to emulate. You can also make over whether to send it to clean only the bathroom, saying that it is large and can only do it in.

 e) At other times seeking and older pacifier and bottle.

 -Exigiste that babies use a pacifier and bottle because they have no teeth.

 -The older children have teeth, threaten to cut off part of the pacifier and a bottle and drown. Because you do not believe you give them once a pacifier or bottle and then trim hidden nipples and the Re-Enter to convince. All this of course should be handled calmly and good will of the parents.