27/12/2015 19:21

It is very common in babies the stuffy nose and fever and usually due to either viral or the teeth that leads. When the nose becomes clogged, we should be sure to relieve. The first thing to do is to put saline, or spray form or in ampoules. Sometimes the spray helps more because irritating faster nasal cavity and causes sneezing thus eliminates many  sniffle

-How To put the serum properly: 

If your baby is very small and not yet sitting, lay it aside, on the changing table, take a little serum in the upper nostril and breathe simultaneously with a suction device (elephant) from the other nostril. Then turn the side and do the same with the other nostril. If we do otherwise, can run in serum ears and to create otitis. Now, if it is larger and sits, it would be this process to make it while seated, simply will tilt backward little head. Of course, the best time to act better serum is bath time. If you leave and the tap running hot water, water vapor will be created to facilitate the elimination of nasal secretions. -How To facilitate sleep: Boil some water and dissolve in it one teaspoon vix or drip 3-4 drops of eucalyptus oil to be bought from the pharmacy. Let it evaporate in the room. You can Notícias' vix with a cotton-tipped swab or eucalyptus oil, place it in a bag of tulle and hang in the crib. Still, it is advisable to have the head of the bed higher, for better breathing in his sleep. Therefore, place under sentonaki of an extra pillow or a folded towel. -How To use nasal solution, if necessary: Dilute with ½ ampoule saline and prefer to use it only at night. -To Soften the nose of the exterior, use a little Vaseline or baby oil.