16/01/2016 20:54

  The easiest thing for new mothers, besides being enthusiastic, is to ... "lose the ball" because they do not know what to do after all this experience is unusual and do not know how to manage it! 

Many changes are happening in their lives at the same time, after changing their body, their schedules, their psychology, their sleep, their marital status, responsibilities which they face to the new member, sexual contacts with her husband . General talk about a transition to all -or almost all- to return to normal. Of course there are tips that will help you pass this period as painlessly as possible:

 -Look your priorities and Prioritize the order in which they are made. For this purpose, it will find it helpful to have a notebook where you write everything you do during the day. You can even write down every night all you will do the next day. The ideal would be to record every Sunday a general plan the whole week. 

-ORGANIZATION weekend for the week menu is then accordingly go shopping. also shop that you need for the baby (drawing list), so you do not have to purchase last minute, thus disturb both the program and your budget.

 - Make sure you have all your baby's things concentrated in a part of the kitchen so as not to waste time searching. Also, you always have ready the baby's bag with essential items, so if you need to go somewhere you have to only prepare the baby.

 - It is advisable to accept the help of some relatives whether you offer. Even better, if you if you can cope with a baby sitter who will know some things and help you, will be your right hand.

 - Your pediatrician should be available to solve any questions, every hour and moment. Make sure you trust him and you can freely call to give you directions for your baby when you need them.

 - The chores never cease to be part of your everyday life, but to save time, you can organize them as follows:

 a) Your first task each morning is to sterilize baby utensils and preparing food, both yours and the baby. 

b) Daily ventilate rooms and dust with a feather easily. Pass the floor with a cloth collect lint and dust, move tens marketed and solve your hands.

 c) Vacuum cleaner twice a week is enough as well as mopping. 

d) General cleaning once a month is enough.

 e) Laundry is good to put in the beginning of the week in order to dry it and to have it ready for iron weekend.

 f) For iron take one day a week with priority on baby clothes that require very good iron. To help is good when collecting clothes to divide (towels, sheets, underwear, etc.) though some are not used to the baby, fold the beautiful and arrange straight to your wardrobe. The baby seems to be your first concern, but should not forget yourself! Subscribe to a gym, go with a friend for a coffee, enroll in a dance club, then that pleases you most!