12/02/2016 20:47

The magical world of books helps us to see and learn through the pages of the world and what is happening around us better, helps us to dream and to develop our imagination. For all these reasons should we put our child in this magical world. Do love the book, becoming one of his favorite games. To do this, you should've been our home, ie to love first of all we. Make sure the library before even born. 

Even when they are newborn start to read short stories, can not understand a lot, but with this way will get used to this idea, and as it grows would craves. You should have it in conspicuous places to see and not buried. The first few months you can get the plastic or sneakers books marketed. Another solution is to have old children's books, do not throw them away or have some acquaintances to you and give to the give to the view and the leafing without fear if you destroy. 

Build a beautiful corner of the room to sit staring them. Fan them with him playing: ask them to find you a ball, a pet, a child or a sun amid the pages. Many children are small but have fury to tear well before thoroughly browse. This is very useful old books. You should explain that you should not do this, but not with the punishment should do slowly in the following ways: 

-Put Library of very old books 4-5 no more and each time will give him a book rather than all together. -When Will tear a book, you say that the throw and banish it. Thus the tearing and where it has little in the library will eventually run out.

 - Something very clever. Collect all the pieces that have ripped from books and stick them in a notebook as collage and name it "sad book." This will be the first book that will give after tearing, explaining why they call it sad book. When choosing books for your child always careful to have clean images nice and bold colors to draw their attention and they want to explore. And do not forget, a book is the best gift!