TIME potty

04/05/2016 22:13

-When I start to put on the potty?
 -In what way? 
-What To say and how to say it?
 -What If I do not want to sit?
 -How Often to put on the potty?
 All these questions torment their parents and especially mothers who are at this stage. The most important in this stage play your own mood first and then the child. You should be ready to enter into this process without fidget, be psychologically well. The child after the first year should slowly start to get accustomed to the potty. What I mean to see it every day in the same position, explaining in simple words its use. Put it on a harmless spot in the bathroom and explain that the large pelvis you do your "bad" and that baby. If it does not fit the baby into the bathroom, put it right out of the bathroom.
 The first month do not put the baby, show him putting a doll to sit doing 'bad' (make sure the toy wearing pants and of the Downs to sit) to learn the process. Thus he can claim to slowly sit alone, although again not will begin to put you once a day. At this stage it will help much the pant. If you see that resents and wants to sit, do not press too, sit in and count to ten and lift the other day count to twenty, etc. In this way every day and sitting more and accustomed. It should consider that hour Entertainment- enjoyment and not compulsion. Attention should not see the baby as a game but as a necessary tool. Put there beside some booklets for staring and place to hear songs. Tell him how beautiful it is when sitting on the potty and shoot it. A friend had done something very clever. On the wall next to a baby stuck poster- collage made alone, stuck in a cardboard pictures of kids sitting on the potty and between them and the photo of the child's own. She gave the kids names and every time you put her little potty, that I look again saw the children in the pictures and spoke with them.
 At first sit beside him telling jokes and show him how to pantomime tightened to make the bad. Explain that just makes you lift yourself from potty to avoid soiling. Go together, toss in the pan, pull the flush and wash hands anyway. Start to put it on the potty every afternoon after lunch, before bedtime. Most likely to do. Whether you do or not the reward, this training wants voices and punishment. To not ask you then next,Tell that do a job (for example, going to see the food not to burn) at that time and leave with him to stay alone to relax. He wants many words and caresses, speak correctly and briskly. Do not let the baby more than 20-30 minutes. Each child has its own time to cut off the diaper, another can cut it in a week, in another one or two months, etc.
 The best time to put the child systematically on the potty is in the summer, most wearing little clothing, hot weather and we lightest lined and home. It would be good if you start to do to become integrated and day and night. As for the layer to protect the bed with seltedakia because certainly there will be accidents. On day to put the baby every two hours. As for the evening should put an alarm clock every three hours. Make sure the alarm is gentle and cheerful tone (current alarms children, teddy bears, puppies, kittens etc.). Place a same clock and the child just will hear will be prepared too. In the evening be sure to have the baby next to the bed for not very metekineite and wake up well. They want quick and methodical movements. When going out ride on the swings, put it to make sure before you leave, explaining that on the swings is not potty. If you make over the evil, mean that not argue, simply to explain that we have to be faster and going potty in time.
 I'm not saying it's easy, but not impossible, the main thing you need is patience. If someday your mood is not good, better not valetai because surely will influence negatively. No later than three years will have to cut the diaper. Do not neglect, cutting the saves money, but also from many diseases eg urinary tract infection, dermatitis etc. Above all patience and good mood!