29/11/2015 00:12

To bathe your baby using has a small oblong bowl and place it on the changing table, so you do not need to bend down, and Lay on the bottom of a towel to non slip baby. Pour approximately 1.5 liter of water, no more, at up to 37 degrees Celsius. Be sure to have at your side a smaller cuvette with clean warm water, a plastic cup, with handle, a thermometer to check the water temperature, body wash, a small towel and cotton. Prepare the diaper and clothes on a sofa or bed in the same room. Xentyste baby and keep putting one hand on his back, supporting it with your palm neck and head. Dip it in the water with the head higher and start soaking with your free hand. Put the bath and then rinse with clean water, dropping the cup, the hair and the body. Take cotton vrexteto and this clean your baby's face. If you do not want to go water f the ears, close with a cotton ball. If the navel has not completely healed, better not to wet, protect it with a gauze and not put too much water in the basin. To turn and face down, get your free palm small towel, grasp with this chest, underarm and turn. Clean the back and popou finished. Wipe well, gently, and then the masazaki with baby oil. Do not forget to clean t 'ears with cotton swab security and oil . In this way you can clean and navel (you can use a little rubbing).

Ακουλουθεί βίντεο.