16/11/2015 21:31

 You can split the games into two baskets and every month of the change (one month in a basket, another month another) alternately. If you feel bored more quickly change them every 15 days. It also helps a lot to the change position.

Create in different places in your home, small corners for your child with cushions, tables, mattresses, chairs, etc. Build a corner kitchen, a corner with puzzles, a corner block and paint, a corner with cars and whatever else might think. 

Play and you with it, become a child again, play dolls, cars, kitchen, hide and seek, chase, imitate animals, and through all that you to transmit your messages. Be sure that with this way you will receive your messages much more easily.

 From a game you can create new games for example, the cups from the kitchen to build towers with cups, with the paint to make a road for cars, with books to build bridges with the puzzle you can hide the tracks in several places at home and with a music that lowers and to strengthen the guide to find, with sliding games can join and make a train, hide beneath glasses various objects to find, with plush puppet play, just let your imagination free. Below I give a few more ideas for impromptu game.