Sugar Swirl Cookies

Ingredients for 16...

piece-cakes(kourabiedes) with icing sugar

  Ingredients: 2 packets...

A tart with baby marrow

  Ingredients: TART: 200...


  Ingredients: DOUGH: 1...

Roxakia (round rocks)

  Ingredients: 1 ½ glass...

Orange pie

  Ingredients: 1 packet...

Chocolate cake

  Ingredients: For the...




What to do to make delicious soups

without any egg-lemon sauce:

When you put all the ingredients of your soup to boil, add also in whole 1 potato, 1 carrot and 1 medium onion. As soon as they are boiled, remove them and with a little of the liquid plus the lemon juice, grind them in the food processor. Pour them in the soup, stir well, add the oil, allow to boil 5 more minutes and your soup is ready and delicious!


How to take off easily the skin

of grilled or baked peppers:

After you have grilled or baked the peppers, tie them in a plastic bag and put them in the deep freeze for about 10 minutes. This way you will not get burnt and the skin will be taken off very easily.




How all green salads to be retained fresh,

, without becoming moldy so quickly:

Do not sprinkle the salt directly on them, it is much better to add it in the dressing you prepare for the salad.


What to do in order the tomato paste not to get mouldy:

As soon as you open a tin, put on the top of the tomato paste 1 tablespoon of olive oil.


How to use the potatoes correctly:

When you fry potatoes, strips or slices, always place the fried potatoes on a kitchen paper to absorb the excess oil before you eat them.

When you want to make potato salad, first you wash the potatoes and then you boil them with the skin.

When you want to make a puree, you peel the skin, wash them, cut them in small pieces and boil them in a pot with half water and half milk.


How to have always fresh herbs in your kitchen:

The herbs you like, buy them fresh, wash them and dry them very well. Afterwards you cut off the leaves (throw away the sticks) and without chopping them, store them in plastic containers or plastic food bags and put them in the deep freeze.


How to make your burgers fluffy:

Just before you fry or bake the burgers, add in the mixture 4-5 tablespoons of water and knead it again. Shape them softly, not very thin, and bake them in medium heat. An alternative is to replace water with soda water.


How to keep the butter without getting yellowish

at the top:

When you open a new pack and you remove the aluminum cover at the top (under the lid), replace it with a piece of greaseproof paper of the same size.


What to do to avoid the sticking of the boiling

milk at the bottom of the pot:

You rinse the pot with water and without drying it, you pour in the milk to boil.




How to avoid the sticking of the fish

on the grill:

First, you must heat the grill then grease it before you place the fish on.


How to fry the pork chunks to make them soft:

In a speed-pot sautè the pork chunks with onions and oregano, add 1 glass of white or red wine, close the lid and cook for 10 minutes at first speed. Then you remove the meat with a straining spoon and put it in a frying pan with oil, simmer for 5 minutes to become brownish. You finish it off with lemon juice. If you prefer the baking instead of frying, then you can put the meat in a pyrex pan with some of the boiled liquid and lemon juice and pop it in the oven at 250 degrees for 10 minutes.