DOUGH: 1 sachet dry yeast

1 glass lukewarm water

½ teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon sunflower or corn oil

Flour for all purpose, as much

as it takes for a soft dough.

FILLING: 10 thin slices smoked turkey or ham

1 piece of feta cheese

a few olives

some tomato juice

1 red pepper or green

1 tomato cut in slices or cherry tomatoes

grated gouda cheese

4-5 mushrooms finely chopped

little oregano



Knead the dough and allow it for half an hour to rest and rise. When ready, roll it out and place it in a greased pan. Coat the pastry with concentrated tomato juice and arrange first the turkey or ham slices and olives, then the crumbs of feta cheese and the grated gouda cheese. On the top arrange the chopped mushrooms and red or green pepper, last the tomato and oregano. Certainly you may put any other ingredients of your choice. Bake for ½ hour at 200 degrees Celsius.