Welcome to my site, Mother  Everyday! 


   Have you just given birth and are you ‘officially’ now a mom?

Most probably you are confused and you think you will not manage, isn’t it?

Calm down! I am here for you, for your every doubt, every hesitation. For you and your little baby!

   Every mom needs some kind of help, whether be it psychological or practical.

Surely, everything becomes much easier through good discussion, proper guidance and

a ‘magical’ solution.       

   Information, ideas, practical and smart solutions on a mom’s concern regarding her baby: bath, breast-feeding, sleep, hygiene, burping, colic, etc.

   Also useful advice and solutions for your home, cooking, health, beauty, relations,  psychology, friendships, entertainment. Moreover, I wrote many fairy-tales, stories, theatrical sketches etc.

   Well, a very warm welcome, wishing you a very good start on your wonderful trip to motherhood!

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