You must always be on the watch for your baby at the sea.

   If the baby is very young, buy it a life-buoy which has leg holes. Swim together, never leave the baby alone and never keep it in your arms in the sea-water, because there is a risk the baby to slip away.

   You can of course use a floating boat, but with the life-buoy it will learn to move its legs too.

   Many babies do not want to get into the sea-water and they cry. It is good not to force the baby, try to tempt it by sitting next to each other at the edge of the sea water, filling in a toy bucket with water and allow the baby to get wet by its own choice slowly-slowly, as you slip into the sea-water bit by bit. The baby should be made to love the sea, not to hate it.

   In the baby’s life-buoy or in its floating boat put small balls and various toys to play with, as it usually does at bath time.

   For more grown up babies, you can use inflatable arm bands, either the usual ones around the arms or the new type that cover the belly too (see Amazon) and show the baby how to move its arms and legs. You must always be next to the baby, never leave it alone. In the sea, never give a ball to the baby, because the water may carry it away, and the baby will try to catch it.

   Teach the baby to keep its mouth closed, imitating the cows. You can also mark the limits into which it can swim, with joined swimming tubes. If you put the baby to sit by the edge of the sea water, place in front of it some stones as an obstacle, so not to be possible the water to pull the baby inwards.


Play with the baby in the sea water, hold hands and move around in circles, you both hit the water with your hands, swim close to other children, always with careful and gentle moves and not abrupt. Do not leave another child to look after yours, because if something happens, it will not be the other child’s fault, but the fault will be all yours.

   And of course, never forget that at the beach the baby is exposed to the sun, so it must wear a top, a hat and sun lotion.

   Well, pay attention! Keep your eyes wide open!