For very young babies


1. Sit together on the sand and dig a hole into it, take one little ball each and start throwing it in the hole.

2. Pick up a few stones, fill a small bucket with water and start throwing in the stones, to hear the “plunge”.

3. Hide a toy in the sand and start looking for it to find it.

4. Take a small balloon and fill it with water and tie it. Then squeeze it trying to blow it up: this game drives the babies crazy!


For 2 year old babies and over


1. As soon as you get up in the morning, you can play altogether the game of “the cock says”. Dad will play the cock and he will say what you must do. The cock says:

-all get up and go to wash.

-you must eat and then put on swimming costumes, etc.

2. You all hide your feet in the sand and search for them. The faster one is the winner.

3. Close the baby’s eyes with a scarf and let it touch dad’s face and yours and to find out who is who.

4. Take a little plastic glass filled with wet sand and shape little hills with it. Whoever makes more hills is the winner.

5. Tie the one end of a rope to the umbrella and the other end to the chair, then blow up a balloon and start throwing it over the rope, as if you are playing volley ball.

6. Take a little plastic bag each and fill it up with stones. The winner is whoever picks up more stones.

7. Run races from the umbrella to the sea, the one who arrives first wins the race.

Relax - play – have fun!