For your baby’s bath, use a small oblong plastic basin. Put it on the top of the changing-stand so that you won’t have to bend. Place a towel at the bottom of the basin, to protect the baby from slipping.

   Pour in about 1,5 liter water, not more, at a temperature of up to 37 degrees C. If the baby’s navel is not healed yet, pour less water accordingly.

   Make sure to have next to you a smaller container filled with clean warm water, a plastic cup with a handle, a thermometer to measure the water’s temperature, a foam bath, a small towel and cotton wool. Have ready the nappy and the baby’s clothes on a couch or a bed in the same room.

   Undress the baby and for protection, you may put some cotton wool in the baby’s ears and cover the navel (if not healed) with a gauge. Hold the baby from back with one hand, supporting the head and neck with your open palm. Immerse the baby in the water, head above water, and start washing it with your free hand. Put the foam bath and then rinse with clean water the hair and body, using the cup.

   With a wet cotton wool you clean the baby’s face.


   To turn the baby forwards, take with your free hand a small towel and with it hold the baby from chest and under the armholes and turn the baby over.

   You clean also the baby’s back and bottom and the bath is finished.

Wipe the baby well with soft movements and massage with baby oil.

   Do not forget to clean the baby’s ears with safety ear-buds and oil. The same way you can clean the navel too (you may also use some white medicated spirit).

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