The dummy is every mother’s “savior”-friend! However a friend that requires a very special handling, not to end up being a trouble!

How to avoid this….risk? A few simple tactics are enough:

-Give the dummy to the baby when it is crying a lot, to calm it down. But if the baby is quiet, the dummy is un-necessary.

-If usually you give the dummy to the baby at bedtime, always remove it as soon as the baby falls asleep.

-Do not give a dummy to the baby while it is awake, better prefer to keep the baby busy with toys, or to sing a song for the baby.

-place the dummy wherever the baby does not see it.

-When you take the baby out in the pram, never give it the dummy to keep it quiet. Try to keep the baby busy with a toy. You just keep the dummy with you, to use it only if necessary.


-During the period of teething, although the baby becomes anxious, it is good to avoid completely using a dummy. It is possible to cause teeth problems later on. Instead, you can give the baby the special toys for rubbing the gums that can be found in the market.

-Attention, never forget not only to sterilize the dummy but also to replace it often, as it gets torn sometimes and if you do not notice it, there is a risk this to cause even suffocation.

-Some babies do not want a dummy. Instead they like to suck their middle finger. Be very careful, this also is not good .Because if it becomes a habit it can cause not only a finger’s atrophy but also teething problems.