When the child will go kids station 22/11/2016

When the child will go kids station 22/11/2016

What to look for, what is your attitude towards the child and what towards the nursery.

 Your angel grew up and it's time to get into a group, to socialize, to cooperate, to share, to obey rules and make friends. 

What to look for:

 a) First of all you need to do a search for the child that is right for you:  

- You need to find someone near you to avoid the hassle

- They must comply with hygiene rules

- Will a constant awareness of those responsible must exist and have a contact number with them at all times 

-You Should be clean and well-ventilated area, with beautiful decorations and beautiful colors on the walls and with appropriate protective gear for children  

-The Staff are pleasant, smiling and available to discuss any concerns you 

-You Have to make trips, organize gatherings with experts on various important issues. 


-It's Time who walks into your fear, you do not let defteroplepta your eyes and now that you will not be next to catch your panic. -You have to get over this fear, because he can transmit to the child and this would create uncertainty, make crying and does not want to go. 

- You need to prepare it to go to school much earlier and start to leave a few hours to another person wont.  

-Do You speak to your child for kindergarten, tell him that you will have many children, how to make friends, advise how to deal with various situations such as not ashamed to the bathroom, does not want to eat, if you hit a child etc. 

-When You take the child from kindergarten do not bombarded with questions because most likely you do not say anything about this new experience, these questions can be the cause of frustration and begin to cry. Sometimes talking about it at the time of the game, but you can participate in the game, watch it alone.  

-You Must involve both parents synnenoountai together to have more proper treatment.  


-Not Become hysterical will surely come with a blow to the head, a child is in it to give base is to be notified of the incident and explain you how it happened 

-To The update for people who will take your child from childcare 

-To Tell you anything observe their behavior  

-To Inform them of any allergies or if you are taking any medication or if you are sick.  

-Ask For everything you learn, for construction, songs, do not be indifferent.  

-You Can ask the responsible for the service of nurses or even to discuss with her, if you have a complaint about their behavior. Adapt to the new situation and help your child to grow up!