How to avoid the weight of events (clever tricks) 18/12/2016

You mean it's holidays and enjoy them, you mean that you will not deprive yourself of anything and will try them all, just do the following smart tricks:

 - Eat definitely good breakfast. 

- If you are invited to a night table eat light lunch (chicken salad or Greek salad or a toast).

 - Fill your plate only once having put more salad. 

- Avoid rinds, the extra fat and breads. 

- Before starting to eat drink 1 glass of water. 

- Before you go home you are invited drink 1 green tea. 

- Eating one sweet day, best to eat at noon. 

- Choose the shoulders nuts of roasted.

 - Not to drink much to fill your glass alternately a water a wine. 

- Slowly chew your food. 

- Chew a gum just empty your plate.

 - Walk when you find opportunity or dance.

 - The next morning once you get up drink 1 glass of warm water with lemon juice 1/2 to apotoxinosete your organization. HAPPY HOLIDAYS