Water is very essential for human survival in general. He plays a key role in health. But what is done with babies? When and how much water should drink? - A baby who is breastfeeding does not need water, from this only understand the value of breastfeeding. Many experts point out that if you give a baby under six months, more water than allowed (700ml), destroyed the nutrients in breast milk and risk of intoxication with bad consequences and rarely seizures. The same can happen if you dilute the milk trade with more water, so it should closely follow the dosage. They should be very careful in what parents have decided not to grant any vaccine to their baby. - When you grow up and start to eat fagaki should give it more water (900ml) but little throughout the day rather than a large amount in a short time because it can create the bloating and pain in the abdomen. Good is one hour before eating to not inject water because it will affect the appetite and consequently its growth. And do not forget that most foods have a high water content. -In Case of gastroenteritis to avoid dehydration occur, consult your doctor, formulated with electrolytes to give you.