One birth, two babies and one thing is for sure: you will need help!

   Of course, no need to panic, everything is a matter of good organizing!

   The most basic thing is the preparation in all levels. To learn how to breast feed them at the same time, to calm down 2 babies who cry simultaneously, to put them to sleep, to play with them and mainly to manage not to fall apart from the whole situation.

   So, make sure you have somebody to help you for some hours a day, somebody that you can trust with your babies, either with the one baby or with both of them, in order to catch up with some sleep and some rest for yourself, so that to be able to deal with all the difficulties that you will face.

   As in regard with the simultaneous breast feeding, take care to be equipped with all things that will facilitate you,


, such as pillows or other specific things for this purpose, that can be found in the market. As for the baby’s burping, to cover your shoulders you can make a waistcoat out of a flannel baby drape. Or you can put a small towel on each shoulder. Suggestively, you may have 2 pairs of towels. After the first feeding of each baby from the one breast, you use the 1 pair of towels for the burping and after the second feeding from the other breast, you use the 2nd pair of towels. This way, each baby will have its own towel, without running the risk to transmit any disease to each other.

   Also, keep close to you some cotton pads wet with water or chamomile to clean your nipples each time you change breast. Even if it seems unlikely, it is possible though the one baby to be ill and the other one not.

   For their sleep, make sure their beds are opposite and not next to each other, while it is good to leave a corridor in between, so that you move freely. Also, if you put some music on, as a lullaby, put two different songs, not the same music for both babies, because it is not for sure that they have a common music taste.

   Be careful not to mix up their things, for this reason better use different colors for each baby. And of course, never forget that your time must be shared equally on each baby and that it is about two different children, not one in two ….. copies.

Be strong!