Very often the babies have a “blocked” or running nose and this is usually due to either some virus or to the teething process.

   When the baby’s nose is blocked, you should do something to relieve it.

   The first thing you should do is to use a natural serum, either in the form of spray or drops. Many times the spray is more effective, because it irritates faster the nasal cavity, this brings sneezing and as a result the snot comes out.


How to apply the medicine correctly

   If the baby is very small and still not able to sit, put the baby on the stand / chest drawer, on its side. Drip a little serum in the topside nostril and at the same time you pump (with nasal pumping apparatus) from the other nostril. Then turn the baby the other side and repeat the same thing, the same way. If you do the whole thing differently, the liquid may run into the ears and this will cause otitis (earache).

   If the baby is able to sit, you can do the above procedure while the baby is seated. Simply, the baby’s head must be leaned a little backwards. Bear in mind that the best time for this treatment to work better, is the bath time. Especially if you let the tap hot water running, the steam will help the nasal secretions to come out.


How to facilitate the baby’s sleep

  Prepare a nasal solution: boil some water and dissolve in it 1 teaspoon of vicks or mix in the water 3-4 drops of eucalyptus oil, which you can buy from the chemist. Allow this to evaporate in the baby’s room.

   You can wet some cotton wool with vicks or eucalyptus oil, put it in a tulle bag and hang it over the baby’s bed.

   In addition, when the baby is in bed, it is good the head to be a bit lifted to ease its breathing while asleep. So, place under the bed sheet an extra baby pillow or a folded towel.


How to use the nasal solution (of vicks or eucalyptus oil), if necessary

   Make it thinner by mixing it with half ampoule of the natural medicated serum and prefer to use it only at night.

   To soothe the nose from outside, apply a bit of Vaseline or baby oil.