06/03/2016 12:24

When we mothers sometimes forget our womanhood. We start and we neglect ourselves and consequently our spouse. Now you tell me so many new responsibilities, to prevent n 'bother with them. Yet it is very important to maintain our relationship active, after all there is gender friends. This means that you need to share your responsibilities and not to all soothe yourself. Give little attention to the following, I am sure that if t 'follow will feel again "woman".

 - Your appearance every day, not staying all day with a Pyjama, change it with a shirt and a leggings or with an airy dress.

 - Your face, illuminating it with a little blush and lipstick.

 -Your hair nicely or even dare to change and look.

 -Buy A new underwear for you and for him, for a special evening. -Mageirepste Aphrodisiac meals and desserts. 

-to make a Atmosphere with low light and soft music.

 - GIVE The little time he has to tell you and do not talk only you. 

 -your renovate personal space, "bedroom". Shift some things, put cheerful linen, change the curtain, lighting and everything else can. 

-The Most perfect you, you could go a weekend somewhere you two. After all this, be sure that the "woman will shine" and sex will make you even more beautiful and calm.