First Teeth BABY

 An important moment for parents is when their babies remove their first teeth. Of course this process also has implications, as much moaning, saliva much, sleepless nights. It also affects the stools often elevates fever and causes problems in the diet (e.g., does not want to eat). The milk teeth is 20.
 The first teeth begin to burst around the 6th month, although each child has a different growth rate, the occurrence of deciduous topped up to 3 years. If tooth did not come up to 1 year should consult a dentist. The creation of the teeth starts during pregnancy, the deciduous developed the first trimester of pregnancy and permanently Q2, so it must be very careful diet of the pregnant woman. A feature appear before the teeth are swollen gums, which hurt, itch and have the top are white, while just before burst turn red.
 To relieve them you can give them special toys marketed, those entering the freezer. there is also a plastic thimble on the one side is as toothbrush, you can rub the gums with it. You can even wrap your finger a sterile gauze after the wet with cold water, rub the gums with it. In the same way you can clean the first teeth. 
The most important of all to have your child strong and healthy teeth depends on consumption (as much as possible less sugar) and their proper cleaning. Educate your children from very young and never sleep without washing their teeth, do you also the same to imitate you.