Many children stop drinking their milk and parents begin and concerned about their development. Certainly many children may be intolerant to milk or are allergic, in these cases, follow your doctor's instructions. 

No need to worry simply because you can replace it with other equal value foods such as cheese, yogurt, ariani, the cheese, spinach, walnuts, almonds, dried beans, sardines. You mean that you check these foods for allergies.

 See how to give the above calcium foods to your child:

 - The cheese if you do not eat alone, rub it in the egg, whether it be soft-boiled or scrambled eggs.

 - Yoghurt if you do not eat plain, tap with a piece of fruit and some honey in a blender. 

- So the ariani.

 - The cheese then the tost or Pitsa.

 - The spinach like spinach rise or as a pesto sauce for pasta or as spinach pie.

 - Walnuts and almonds use like dust in various . 

- The sardines make them meatballs or ground meal with potato, broccoli and zucchini.

 - Beans Make the mashed potatoes with celery root and carrots. You'll find recipes in the "Recipes for Toddlers"

 But to tell you something else: it simply your child to react and not to drink milk so to just break your nerves. Not to accomplish this get organized properly with the following tricks that will tell you when you try and do not respond then replace the milk with the food that I gave you. but could of gone through the following ways and continue to regularly drink the milk.

 These tricks will tell you use them simply because children get bored very easily. Smart tryk- tricks to easily drink your child milk:

 - Place the glass 10 straws of different colors and ask them to drink from each straw and a sip, sees it as a game and have fun. You can drink ye him your milk with this way. 

- You can take a toffee amid the glass and tell that just drink the milk and eats candy.

 - You be the place to drink milk in cups disposable paper and once emptied to join them, to stick together (bottom to bottom and top to top) and make a big tower, saying that both large it will come.

 - If you still drink the bottle, choose a plain bottle without paintings and stick on the tall nice stickers, just drink a little would Loosen the adhesive and will stick in his hand, until you win it all. The bottle can do and tricks with candy.