Finally the moment you anticipated for so long has come: returning home with your baby! Smile, be happy, celebrate, calm down and …… get organized!

   First of all, settle the baby in the baby room straight away, using a baby monitor to hear the baby. Certainly, it is good to have ready a couch or a bed next to the baby’s bed so that you can use it whenever it is necessary.

   However, no need to run on the slightest cry, perhaps it is a belly-ache which stops in a while.

   For night feeding, better keep in the room a low light on, so the baby won’t be thoroughly awakened.


   Make sure you have everything ready for the breast-feeding.

In case of feeding-bottle, you must always have the water ready for the milk preparation without any delay.

   When the baby is sleeping during the day, there is no need for absolute quiet.

Go through your daily routine with the housework, so the baby will get used to the daily noises. You can even use the vacuum cleaner, starting with low power and increasing it gradually. You will notice that this not only does not frighten the baby, but on the contrary it acts as a lullaby.

   Do not make it a habit to rock the baby to sleep in your arms.

No matter how nice it seems, you will regret it at a later stage. If the baby is crying a lot, you may hold it in your arms but not more than 5 minutes, then, lie it down in bed. You may stay with the baby, fondling its back, playing some toy or radio music.

   Equip yourself with patience and persistence and everything will go well!