The “magical” world of books helps us to see and learn, through their pages, the world better and everything that takes place all around us. It helps us to dream and develop our imagination. For all these reasons we should lead our baby into this magical world of books.

   We must make the baby to love a book and make it one of its favorite toys. To achieve this, there should be books already in our homes, in other words we must love a book ourselves first of all.

   Take care of the baby’s library well before the birth. Even while still a newborn, start to read short stories to the baby. Maybe it does not understand much, but this way it will get used to the idea of reading and as it grows up, in time it will look forward to listen to your reading. The books to be kept in an evident place, the baby must be able to see them. Do not hide the books.

The first few months of the baby, you can buy plastic or material (fabric) books that there are in the shops. Another solution is, if you have children’s old books (do not throw them away),or old books of other people that you know, give these to your baby to look at them, to go through them ,without worrying if they get destroyed. Create a nice book corner in its room, so the baby can just sit and watch them. Go through the books together with the baby, as a play time. Ask the baby to find in the book pages, a ball, an animal, a sun etc and this way the baby will understand what the books are for.

   Many babies (and kids) tend to tear apart books, before even going through them. That’s why, in such cases, you need the old books. Of course you must explain to them that they must not do this, but not as a form of punishment. Here are some ways, to achieve this:

-Put in the bookcase 4-5 old books, not more and give to the baby one at a time, not altogether.

-Every time the baby tears a book, say that you throw it away but in fact you just hide it. So, by tearing the books, at some point they will get finished, since they are only a few in the bookcase.

-Do something very smart. Gather all the torn book pieces and attach them on a notebook like a puzzle and name it “the sad book” (see stories-fairy tales-theatrical sketches). This must be the first book you give to the baby after all the books in the bookcase have been finished, explaining why it is called a “sad book”.

-When you buy books for the baby, always be careful to choose books that include clear pictures with nice bright colors which attract the baby’s attention and make them willing to “explore” the books.

Never forget, a book is always the best gift!