-Not To drop the Balloons Inflate some balloons and beat up, should not escape you and touch the floor.
 Play ping balloon, make your own rackets with paper plates and disposable medical chopsticks. 
-Games MEMORY 
Take disposable paper cups, place them upside down on a table and hide beneath each glass object (a clasp, a candy, a ring, etc.) Lift for a few seconds the glasses and then try to remember that it was hidden. 
Post a choula- hoop in the middle of the floor, you put music to play and should just finish each song to enter all the circle of choula- hoop. Anyone who is slow or does not fit loses.
-Natural AWAY Take all of a straw and sit at the table and place it in front of your straws from a cotton and blow simultaneously. Whoever blow away most wins. 
Represents someone an act or imitate someone without talking only with movements of the limbs and body and the others are trying to find.
 -FIND THE WORD -Put a word in his mind and says to the other: eg Begins from c and ends in a and is an animal, what is? Cat. 
- The paint FAST
 Everyone gets a paper and crayons or a printed picture and begin to draw or paint a picture simultaneously. Whoever wins first over.