The massage calms down and relaxes the baby, so it is good to do it on a daily basis after bath. You can use a baby body cream or oil. Your massaging must be very soft and careful. Do not give a massage when the baby is sick or right after its meal.

   Lie down the baby on its back, on a comfortable place and proper for you too. Start alternating with the baby’s arms and legs by folding and stretching them and massaging with your thumbs under its feet. Then massage the chest placing your palms next to each other, above the stomach. Start moving the palms, the one towards the left shoulder and the other one towards the right shoulder and your palms “meet” again right under the belly, like drawing a heart shape on the baby’s chest.


   With your 2 fingers (first and middle) joined, begin a straight line from the baby’s left nipple, going down and around the belly, like forming a circle.

   You turn the baby face down and its arms next to the body. Start massaging the neck, shoulders and then all the way downwards. Attention: never massage on top of the spine, always massage next (parallel) to the spine.

   You finish it, just massaging a bit more the chest.

Remember, the massage must never last more than 15 minutes.