The birthday “arrived”, your little angel has grown up!

It is about time to organize an unforgettable party for kids!

   At first, make the invitations: an unusual idea is to write in the invitation a birthday program, whatever you have prepared for that day (I give some pictures at

   When the big day arrives, the room where the party will take place, must be arranged accordingly! Any dangerous or very small objects must disappear, if there is a coffee table and chairs better to be removed, in order the kids to have more available space to play.


Hang on the door handle a big colorful bag for the waste, while in another bag or in a carton gather up all the team games. See many more ideas for party games at “smart solutions-games” at ( Certainly, there can be no party without music and dancing!

   As for the kids’ food, avoid a self service counter. Because, despite the fact that they eat nothing, they just make a mess, there is a risk that they mix up their plates and eat from each other’s. The best you have to do is to buy individual little paper or plastic bags, in which you can pack a small juice and the cling wrapped sandwiches you have prepared with sliced bread, in various shapes e.g. triangles, hearts or any other shape you like (see recipes for babies).If you like, in the same bag you can add small packets chips. These little bags can be prepared quite earlier than party time.

   For the birthday cake servings use clear plastic little bowls of one use (with or without a lid) and not the plastic plates, because most of the times the cake ends up on the carpet.

   For the parents, you can prepare self service snacks, having available plastic plates and cups for one use (see “Recipes”, finger food) (

   At the end, impress the people you invited by closing the party with a marionette show, for young and old! Have a nice time!