The summer has arrived and the time for your vacation is approaching. Surely, vacation with a baby seems very difficult. However, there is nothing else that is needed but a good organizing, in order to enjoy the vacation. Something very basic is to make a “smart list” (see useful advice).

   Firstly, you must have a separate suitcase for the baby things.



- diaper briefs-vests of cotton material (how many depends on how long you stay).

- shorts-body suits- leggings-dresses-trousers-blouses, all made of cool cotton material.

- track suit, jersey, light jacket

- covering drapes

-shoes, slippers, light and comfortable

-a few pairs of shocks

-caps, ribbons, hair clips

-a charm, an eyelet



Balls, cars, dolls, little buckets, fairy tale books


Bath and skin care products  

-foam bath, hair shampoo.

-moisturizing lotion, baby oil, almond oil

-a bath sponge

-2 bath towels

-safety buds



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-scissors, comb

-diapers (pumpers)

-toothpaste, toothbrush

-soothing cream for irritations

-a small basin

-a travel urinal pan

   For shampoo, foam bath, lotions, the small packaging is more convenient. You may buy small bottles and fill them in by yourselves.


Things for sleep

-a baby pillow

-2 or 3 baby bed sheets

-a night lamp

-intercom (baby monitor), if you use it


-mosquito net

-anti-mosquito plug

-insect repellent for the skin

-2 or 3 dolls with music tunes


Things for baby meals


-feeding bottle-sterilization apparatus

-blender (food processor)

-bowls, small glass, teaspoon

-milk, powder creams, chamomile

-baby’s bibs

-travel baby chair



-stop pain pills and against fever

-lotion for mosquito bites



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-cream for wounds-scratches

-gums cream for teething (if you use it)

-1 small betadine

-1 small methylated spirit

-natural serum

-cotton wool




In a beach bag

Swimming suit, towels, blouses, panties, diapers, wet tissues, antiseptic tissues, cap, dummy, bottle of water, cream for mosquito bites, sun spray, sea baby shoes, a big beach mat, a beach umbrella, life belt, toy bucket and shovel.

A small plastic swimming pool would be a very helpful thing, to fill it with a little water or sand for the baby to play in it, so you can be more relaxed.