Proper organization in the new student office

Proper organization in the new student office
The new school year has already started and is now the office of the small student acquires a dominant role in everyday life. But how will you ensure the best results without suffering child. Some basic things that are good to look for are: 
-Care Space to find his office be well lit, while it is good, except the window, there is a light bulb in a correct and to the point of non-blinding his eyes. 
-The Cables and plugs must not be exposed. 
-Use Protective film on the computer screen. 
- Decorations. 
Prefer a simple pencil, a small clock and a to Briefing tab. Regarding the drawers: 
-At The bottom drawer will put all the notebooks you use. In the middle notebooks, folder with work and books of the day. At the top drawer eraser, pencils, sharpeners, etc. 
-All Books put on a shelf of the library. 
-At The side of the desk, hang on one side and a blackboard on the other an abacus. chair 
-Be at the right height and anatomical. Dual office put a container for trash-papers. 
-The Walls are painted in light colors and without many figures that of distracting the attention 
-Also, Usually helps a lot to put a calm, instrumental music. -Avoid Not be next games, best put to some other place.