The easiest thing for new mothers is, apart from getting excited, to “lose the ball”, as they do not know what to do first, the whole experience is new and they do not know how to handle it. Many changes happen in their lives simultaneously, since their body is changing, their daily program, their psychology, the sleep, the family situation, the responsibilities they have to face regarding the new family member, the sexual contact with the husband. Generally speaking, it is about a transitional period, until everything, or almost everything returns to a normal level again.

   Certainly, there are small “secrets” to help you go through this period, as harmlessly as possible:

-Set your priorities and in which turn to be done. For this purpose, it is useful to have a notebook to write down everything you do during the day. Besides, every night you can take notes of what you have to do the next day. The ideal though is, every Sunday to write down a general plan of the whole week.

-On weekend, decide the menu of the coming week and do your shopping accordingly. Also buy whatever you need for the baby (make a list), so that it won’t be necessary to do last minute shopping and as a result not to upset your whole schedule or your budget.

-Take care to keep all baby stuff together in one place in the kitchen, so you do not lose any time looking for them.


Also, always have ready the baby bag with the most basic things, or if an occasion arises to go somewhere, you will have to make ready only the baby.

-If some relatives offer help, it is good to accept it. However, it is even better if you can afford a baby sitter who knows a few things about babies to help you, she could become your “right hand”.

-Your pediatrician must be available to respond to your every question, every doubt, at any moment any time. You must trust him/her and to have the right to phone for instructions whenever is needed.

-The housework does not stop to be part of your daily routine, however you can save time by getting organized, as follows:

a) Your first concern in the morning must be the sterilizing of the utensils for the baby, also the cooking of the food, the baby’s and yours too.

b) Everyday you air the rooms and dust the furniture easily and fast with a feather-duster. Mop the floor using one of these special mops that attach all fluff and dust .These kind of mops can be found easily in the shops and really “untie one’s hands”.

c) Moping and vacuum cleaning two times a week is enough.

d) Thorough (general) cleaning once a month is enough.

e) It is good to do the machine laundry at the beginning of the week, so that to get it dry and have it ready for ironing on weekend.

f) Devote one day a week for ironing, with priority to baby’s clothes because they do require very good ironing. In order to make things easier,


, when you pick up the washing it is good to separate it straight away (towels, bed sheets, underwear etc) and if something is not to be used any time soon, fold it nicely and put it directly in the closet.

   The baby must be your first concern, however you must not forget yourself too! Go out with a friend, become a member to a gym or a dancing cultural club, do whatever pleases you the most!