The best gift you can offer to your newborn baby is to breast feed it.

Mother’s breast milk contains all the nutritional ingredients necessary for the baby,

ingredients that strengthen the immunization.

   For as long as you breast feed your baby you must eat well, so that you have enough

milk: to this end ,it might help to consume beer and cherries.             

   Before you start breast-feeding, change the baby’s nappy, otherwise the baby might feel uneasy. Find a comfortable seat for yourself and place everything you will need close to you, such as cotton pads for your nipples, a face-cloth, a glass of water(breast-feeding makes you feel thirsty) and whatever else you think necessary.

   To check that the baby suckles properly and actually drinks the milk, its lips must look outwards. Also, there must be evacuated matter from the baby’s bowel at least twice a day.

While feeding, hold the bottle upwards to the point that the “neck” of the bottle is full of milk, to make sure that the baby will not inhale any air, which will cause a stomach-ache. When you see the milk bubbles in the bottle, it means the baby sips well.


In order your nipples not to get dry, use Vaseline or a plant’s oil (of a specific natural wild plant/grass which when soaked in olive oil, it releases its healing and cosmetic properties).

   If after breast-feeding you feel your breasts burning, not to worry, it is normal, just put on cold pads, this is very soothing.





    Before breast-feeding, clean your nipples and squeeze softly to drip a bit of milk.

Sit and make yourself comfortable, support your back with a special waist pillow.

Also, your feet must be steady. Hold the baby in your arms and put your nipple in the baby’s mouth very carefully, not to block the nostrils, so the baby to be able to breathe freely. Very often the baby falls asleep during breast-feeding, in such a case you just slightly touch its nose. At the end of breast-feeding, do not forget the burping, as it is very important for digestion.

   Regarding hand-feeding (with a feeding-bottle), always use sterilized bottles and dummies (at least for the first year).Before you start feeding the baby, first check the milk temperature on the skin of your hand’s inner side above the palm. If you tolerate it, then it is good.