Your baby has grown up and is already walking with steady stepping. Well it is about time, to hold hands and walk together.

   The first thing you must pay attention to, is its clothes and shoes. Do not overdress the baby, put on comfortable and soft clothing to the baby (bodysuit-leggings), because it will be walking and it may sweat, better carry a light jersey with you. The same applies for you too. Prefer sporting shoes for the baby, or with whatever shoes the baby walks better.

Upon leaving home, advise the baby that in order to have a nice time, it should listen to you and to always hold your hand tightly, because you will come across many cars and people and so you must both be very careful.

   Initially, go for a short walk, because the first time the baby may get tired and may ask to be carried in your arms, something you must avoid. At start, you also walk at the baby’s pace, make it look a little like a game, describe the spots you pass by, as if you are narrating a story.

   When you go for a walk, make sure that both your hands are free, to be able to handle whatever situation it may occur. Take all the necessary things that you will need in a backpack. Keep your baby at the inner side of the pavement, always holding its hand tightly. Sing together a song, show the baby the flowers, the butterflies, the birds, the pussy-cats and everything you pass by. It is totally forbidden to talk on the phone during the walk. Explain to the baby that we cross a street only from a pedestrian crossing when there is no traffic, also explain about the robots, the red and green “small man”.


Show it how to pass over obstacles on the road without stumbling, not to step into water because it is slippery. Take a small break to drink some water, ask the baby if it enjoyed the walk and what impressed it the most.

   The spring is the ideal season for such walks, so enjoy them!