Roxakia (round rocks)

Roxakia (round rocks)



1 ½ glass corn-oil

1 ½ glass milk

3 eggs

1 sachet baking powder

3 tablespoons cocoa powder

Flour (all purpose), as much as it takes (the

dough to be soft and easy in molding)

SYRUP: 1 kg sugar (for less sweet use 800gr)

4 glasses water

2 tablespoons lemon juice



In a bowl put all the ingredients except the flour and the cocoa powder. Mix well and add the flour gradually. When there is some flour left, separate the dough in 2 pieces. In the one piece add the cocoa powder and to the other piece add the rest of the flour. The 2 pieces of dough must have the same consistency. Knead them well, then separate each dough in equal small balls. For every “round rock”(roxaki) you use 2 balls: 1 white + 1 brown. Mould them into 2 same size strips, place the one next to the other and start turning them into a roll, brown strip in-white strip out, join the ends of the roll.

Bake them in a thermofan oven, at 200 degrees Celsius for about half an hour (to take a nice color).

Prepare the syrup and after 5 minutes you have removed it from heat, start dipping into it each “roxaki” for a few seconds, then place the roxaki in the pan. When you finish, pour over them the remaining syrup to be absorbed.

If you feel that the “roxakia”(=plural of roxaki) are too many, then use as many as you like with syrup and keep the rest in the deep freeze.