Mr Apple: -Ho! Good morning to you, who are you? It is the first time

I see you in our neighborhood.



MRS ORANGE: -Really Mr Apple, don’t you recognize me?



Mr Apple: -No! Why? Do you recognize me?



MRS ORANGE: -Of course I do, although you have become so reddish from too much

sun-tan and I had hard time to recognize you. I am Mrs Orange.



-Mr Apple : What? Mrs Orange? Ha! Ha! Ha!

Mr Apple burst into laughter.



-MRS ORANGE: I do not understand, why are you laughing?




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Mr Apple: -Oh, I am so sorry but when I saw you last time before the holidays,

, you were very green and very thin, now you are swollen like a balloon.

You are wearing this orange dress too! Ha! Ha! Ha! Mr Apple

 couldn’t hold himself from laughing again.



MRS ORANGE: -Why don’t you look at your own mess, I say! Mrs Orange

replied very angrily.



Mr Apple:-What do you mean, what mess? I simply became reddish.




MRS ORANGE: -Don’t you see your nose? It is like a red brinjal.

No woman would like to approach you with this nose.



Mr Apple: -Are you saying I am ugly?



MRS ORANGE: -Didn’t you also say so for me? You always mock at me.

Sh! Sh! Sh! Keep quiet, someone is coming.



Two gentlemen approached. The first one spoke:

-This is it my friend, I’ll pick-up oranges from here.

They look so beautiful, with nice color and juicy.

Try one.



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The other one replied:

-me too, I will pick-up these beautiful, hard and red apples.

He also tasted an apple. They both left very pleased.



First talked Mrs Orange:

-You see, finally I am and very beautiful and juicy.



Mr Apple : -Yea, I hear. I am also very beautiful, tough with nice color.

However, the most important is that I am therapeutic

with lots of vitamins and I do not let the people get sick.



MRS ORANGE: -Alone you do nothing, you need me too.

My juice is full of vitamin C and everybody

drinks it and becomes strong. That’s why we must

never be separated. What do you say, friends for ever?



-Mr Apple: Yes, friends for ever.



-Mr Apple and Mrs Orange hugged and kissed

and remained friends for ever.