Zaphiroula, a sweet girl from a village, visited for a first time her friend Nino in the city.

When Nino saw her, hugged her and said:

   -Zaphiroula, you came to my city, always I was the one to come to your village!

   -Yes, I came but I was very scared when we arrived.

   -Why were you scared?

   -Because everything here goes so fast and it is a chaaaos!

   -Ha! Ha! Zaphiroula you are very funny.

   -Don’t laugh Nino, the matter is serious.

   -Ok, Ok! Leave this matter now and tell me, is it true what your mother said? Will you stay for a week?

   -Yes, it is true.


They were both very happy and they started jumping and yelling whoopee!

Nino stopped and told her:

   -Good! Come now, let’s go to show you your room and they walked towards there.

   -Nino, your flat is very big although it is on a very high floor, Zaphiroula said.

   -Your house is also big.

   -Yes, but it is touching the ground.

As soon as she saw Nino’s toys, she said:

   -Oh! I didn’t know you had a toys store.

   -No, we do not have a store, Zaphiroula, these are my toys.

   -Are you serious? These are so many.

   -No, not that many. How many do you have?

   -I have the farm with the animals, the dolls with their clothes and my fairy tales.

   -The fairy tales are not toys. Aren’t you bored with these few only?

   -I don’t even have the time to play with these toys I have, because I mostly play with my friends: hide and seek, run and catch me, hit me with the ball and so on. Don’t you play outside with your friends?

   -No, my mother does not allow me, because there are many cars running in full speed.

   -Yes, yes, I saw them. Ok, let’s play, they are so many, we will not have the time to see them all.

As soon as Zaphiroula was about to open a toy, Nino shouted:

   -No, be careful, not this one, you will break it.

Zaphiroula left it and took another one.

Nino again shouted:

   -No, no, what are you doing? You will drop it, leave this one.

Zaphiroula left this one too. She went a little farther and took another toy. Nino again the same:

   -I say no, you are so clumsy, you will damage it.


   -Ah! I am bored….are you kidding me? Why you call me this. Mummy, I want to leave.

Zaphiroula ran to her mother crying.

   -mummy, Nino called me “clusmy”.

Her mother asked:

   -what “clusmy”, what is this? What is wrong with you two?

Nino ran after her and replied:

   -I said clumsy, not “clusmy”.


Zaphiroula was crying very much and wanted to leave.

Nino was so worried that his friend wanted to go and he said it to his mother and she advised him to say sorry to Zaphiroula and ask her to stay.

Nino thought about it, that if Zaphiroula would leave, then he would be alone again and he would be bored. So he decided and he did say sorry to her.

Zaphiroula, still upset, told him:

   -I forgive you but my name is Zaphiroula not “clusmy”, you hear me?

   -it is called clumsy.

   -whatever, Ok. I forgive you because you are my friend.

During a whole week, they played, they laughed and they had a wonderful time. Nino was so excited that he gave her some of his toys when she was leaving and she told him:

   -Thank you Nino, we will play together with all these, when you will come to the village.

They said good bye to each other and they were sad to be apart. When Nino went to his room, he saw all his toys that were there and he felt he did not miss them at all. He only missed his friend Zaphiroula…