Once upon a time, in the very old days, a very good man, Basil, lived in Caesaria of Kappadokia. He grew up close to Basil the Great who was distributing wishes all over the world.

   Basil the Great, although he was very poor and he hardly had his daily bread, however he always had something to give to the people and to the children.

   Basil followed his footsteps: he was open-handed and shared wishes with everybody, offered his help to whoever was in need, without any cost. There was only one who was never pleased, Mr Twister who always used to say to Basil:

   -wishes! What to do with them? I want food to eat and some toy for my child to play. Do you have these?

   -the wish of good luck will help you to find them.

   -where do I find them, they will be dropped on my head from the sky?

   -you have to believe me, the power to achieve it is inside you, Basil kept saying.

   -what power my man, I haven’t eaten for days, in a while I will fall down.

  Unfortunately, there were many Mr Twisters and Basil was worried very much about it, so he asked for the help of Mrs Imagination who was an expert in these things. With her fantastic ability, she could transform you to another person! Well he asked her:

   -what do you think Mrs Imagination, how to handle all these Mr Twisters?

   -Ah, this case is a bit difficult. Let me think about it and come again tomorrow to tell you, she replied.

   The next morning he went again and she started


 giving him instructions. She took him to a big warehouse and started to speak:

   -first of all you must become fat in order to stand the cold weather. To put on a cheerful and pretty costume, red like this one, she said, showing him a red costume with a white fur, red headgear, black belt and black boots. Trim your beard a bit. Travel and distribute wishes and gifts during winter, in cold weather and heavy snow, because this is when the people need the most the warmth of love. For this reason, you will need good means of transport, which is a sleigh with a deer. And the most important! You must ask the help of the good people that you know, rich and poor, all of them to help as they can. Co-operate with the parents and become friends with the children. Ask the help of the postman. This way your work will be great: share gifts and love with children, joy and happiness with everybody. In order to achieve this, with your colleagues around the world, it is better to work throughout the year and do only the distribution of wishes and gifts on the first day of a New Year. 

  So, Basil became the << Santa Basil >> (=Santa Claus), everybody’s favorite. Finally, Mrs Imagination, with her fantastic way, managed to make us all love Santa Claus and to expect him anxiously every year, with his wishes and gifts to fill our hearts with love and joy. One thing is for sure, we all have inside us a << Mrs Imagination >>.